Hi friends!

My name is Jayme Riley and welcome to my place on the inter webs. This blog will be where I keep all my thoughts about becoming healthy, working on my new home, my various passions in life and of course– my pointer/border collie mix mutt named Beesly.

I’ve been married for three years to this guy. I kinda love him a lot.

2012 has been a big year for both of us. We bought our first house and adopted Beesly. Actually, Jordan rescued her from the side of the road. I fell in love with her, named her after my favorite TV character and then promptly became wrapped around her little paw.

2012 has also been a great year for me, health-wise. I’ve created a workout routine, changed my eating habits and have lost 40 pounds. I still struggle with eating clean and working out, but I’m happy with progress and feel like I’ve made a major change in my life.

In the coming weeks I plan on showing you our home and what we plan on doing with it. I’m also be working on getting my exercise and clean eating in gear and using this blog as motivation. And pictures of my precious pup 🙂 I’d love to hear feedback and I love discovering new blogs! Leave me your link!