Last night I meet up with an old friend at the gym.

Source: via G.l. on Pinterest

I’ve been avoiding the treadmill since the beginning of May. I spent most of last fall getting ready for my 5k and most of my workouts consisted of treadmill time. When I started working out in March I had a good mix of treadmill time and cross-training. But after a terrible 5k in May (knee pain plus a week of a family emergency), I decided to give myself a break– at least until the end of May. May turned to June, with the thought that I would start training for a September 5k at the beginning of July.

(And for the record, I am not a fast runner. My goal in most races is to beat my last time (followed by a second goal of not finishing last). I have a dream of a 10 minute mile, resulting in 30 5k.)

I finally stepped on the treadmill yesterday. And honestly, it felt pretty good. It was completely different from when I started running last fall or March. I think that the 40 pound weight difference might be a big factor in that. But it was just the boost of confidence I need to get back on the running bandwagon. I’m actually looking forward to running tonight, and am actually giving some thought to my workout plan for the next week. September will soon be here, and there’s an 8k in October I have my eyes on.

I’m looking into Hal Higdon’s training programs for the 8k, along with Jeff Galloway’s plan. I’m not sure about Jeff Galloway’s plans, as once I stop running, I have a hard time continuing to run. Anyone have experience with either program?

Question: What piece of gym equipment do you dread the most?