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When I first got on the healthy lifestyle train, I was beyond motivated. And as the pounds slipped off the scale and my clothes fit better, I pushed myself harder and harder.

Then life happened. Family emergencies, moving and a major change in work lead to less time at the gym and losing a lot of steam. I was happy to see that most of my eating habits had (and are continuing to) stayed intact– eating fresh produce and portion control. But some of the other changes I had made, like eating less processed foods, kinda got thrown out the window.

Instead of dinners looking like this:

they started to look like this:

Sure, there was some veggies thrown in there, and those might be sweet potato fries, but this wasn’t the same as the commitment I had made at the beginning of March. So I’m going back to the basics. School starts back next Wednesday– I have conferences and work days until then– and I will have game plan. Meal planning will be key and I will be making nutrition a major priority again.

I picked up some books at the library, for some more information and some great meal ideas as well:

Question: What motivates you after a bit of slacking? New always gets me going– new exercise, new food and of course new accessories.

Also, this is definitely my dog. Obsessed with the internet.