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I started a blog… two days before preservice and a week before welcoming a class of 20 precious pre-kindergarten students into my care.

A bad choice? Perhaps. I’m hoping to find my voice on this blog and a smooth schedule for it soon. Wrangling 20 4 year olds and getting them on a routine isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I adore my kids and they are doing awesome. So I’m now coming home with some energy 🙂

And I love home, because home is…

My two loves.

And I finally replace my old shoes with a shiny new pair of running shoes!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

Totally felt like a real runner, having my feet analyzed and running on the treadmill and what not 🙂

I managed to get in 6 miles last week, and I got in 3 today. Strength training and yoga have been non-existent, but I’m hoping to change that, starting with a good weight lifting workout at the gym tomorrow!

Question: When do you find time to blog?!?!? I’m hoping to squeeze in more post around 9-10 at night. Then it’s time for bed!